Close to 250 participants ran or walked in the 33rd Annual Tofte Trek 10K run/walk today, July 4th. Chase Matush (aka Adam Swank)from Duluth led the field with a time of 38:52. The first woman to cross the finish line was Kaelyn Williams of Golden Valley, MN. Conditions for the trek were favorable with east winds off of Lake Superior, keeping temperatures in the low 70s. Runners traditionally enjoy the hilly course and mud puddles, having to hose themselves off at the finish line. The Tofte Trek is a long-standing tradition started by avid skier Jan Horak of Tofte.

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- Additional photos from Eve Stein -

Men's Winner
Chase Matush (aka Adam Swank) of Duluth, MN

Woman's Winner
Kaelyn Williams, Golden Valley, MN



Men's Walker Winner
Braidy Powers of Grand Marais, MN



Woman's Walker Winner
Ellen Anderson of Grand Marais, MN


Local Cook County Runner
Joey Chmelik of Grand Marais, MN


Local Cook County Walker
Craig Horak of Grand Marais, MN


Local Cook County Runners
Kieran Scannel and Drew Holmen (76)
of Grand Marais, MN



Mud Lovers
Dave Bergstrom (135)of Grand Marais, MN
and Jeremy Dockan (136) of Pasadena, CA

  • Jan Horak, founder of the Tofte Trek 33 years ago

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